Foods To Consume Before Yoga Class

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Most of us practice a common form of exercise to live healthy and that is yoga. Today, you see a lot of people who are practicing yoga to stay fit and to lead a healthy life.

With this practice, comes along a wide range of foods you should eat too. Eating a healthy diet and following a fully fledged regime will only make you live longer.

If you are a believer in doing yoga to keep fit your mind and body, you need to follow certain food habits as well.

Experts say that before you go ahead with your yoga class, you need to eat a healthy and ‘light’ meal. The only reason is because yoga is a certain type of exercise where your body needs to be focused on your mind solely.

If you have a heavy meal before yoga exercise, you will want to throw up. One should keep their stomach light before a yoga exercise, so you can move your flexible body easily to perform the asanas. Some of the foods you should eat before yoga take a look at some of these healthy foods. These foods should be eaten half an hour before yoga class.


If you are hungry, grab a bowl of healthy oatmeal before a yoga class. This is a healthy food which you can consume. It is light and will boost your metabolism.


This is one of the best foods you can choose before you hit the yoga class. Consuming cut fresh pieces of pears is rich in fiber which will fill your tummy completely.


If you consume a handful of raisins before your yoga class, you are pampering your body to a high content of natural sugar. This natural sugar will help to keep you active right through the class as you burn energy for weight loss.

There are a lot of people who refrain from eating a banana as they feel it adds to the extra pounds if you are on a weight loss program. If you are heading to yoga class, have a banana 15 minutes before as it is rich in sodium which will keep you hydrated.


You need to stay light when you perform the asanas. Apricots are filling and a light food for you to consume before a yoga class. Dried apricots are the best opt.


If you want to stay light on your tummy, watermelon is the best food for you to consume before a yoga class. Watermelon helps to build your energy levels, so have a cup of fresh juice before you head out.


It is light and the best food to enjoy before yoga. A small cup of yogurt will help you stay fit and keep you mentally sound too.


Dark chocolate is much better when compared to normal chocolate. It is the dark chocolate which provides you with energy, and also helps to keep your heart healthy and active.


It is a good food for you to consume before a yoga class. Prunes contain a high content of potassium which will keep you hydrated during the workout.


Eating a handful of almonds will help boost your energy levels. Soaked almonds is however the best option for you to chose.

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