Makeup Tips for Holiday Beauty



Even if you are going to dig out the same little black dress to wear to your holiday parties every year, you can still turn up the volume on your everyday beauty routine. Don’t be scared to break out of your beauty box for just one night.

The trend in makeup foundation may be all aglow … but the shade of your foundation is critical. There are lots of factors that come into play. If you’ve been wearing Revlon all your life ever since you outgrew Bonne Bell in your teens then you need to take a U-turn right now, no matter where you are, and make an appointment with a makeup expert. There are hundreds of them out there … and many of them are available instantly by just walking into your favorite department store. They can answer all your questions, including “Do I have warm undertones or cool undertones in my skin?” Ask your friends for suggestions, and get thee to a beauty consultant fast. You’ll be surprised at how many years younger you may look with this one switch. Have a rosy outlook

Source: The National Ledger


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