‘The girl with half a face’: Teen with rare facial deformity

ImageSince birth, Sarah has suffered from a rare disease called neurofibromatosis – a condition that triggered a massive tumor to develop on half of her face. Over time, Sarah’s deformity steadily grew worse, causing the right side of her face to dramatically droop downward.

The condition – which is mostly cosmetic – made Sarah the target of intense bullying for many years.

“It was really hard; I used to get bullied a lot,” Sarah, now 18. “They used to call me ‘fat face’ and say I had diseases. As a little kid hearing it, it didn’t feel very good.”

But finally, after years of suffering through negative comments, Sarah made the decision to undergo risky reconstructive surgery in order to remove part of her tumor. Her journey is chronicled in a new one-hour special called “The Girl With Half a Face,” which premieres Wednesday 10 p.m., ET on “Discovery Fit & Health.”

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