Nutritional do’s and don”ts for pregnant women!


Pregnancy is beautiful, magical and even empowering! Whether you are elated or in a wee bit of shock, remember Family and pregnancy is an immense physical, psychological and emotional experience whatever the circumstances surrounding it.

First and foremost you’ll need protein and calcium for your baby’s tissues and bones, extra folic acid to protect against neural tube birth defects and iron to help red blood cells carry oxygen to your baby. Although it is imperative that you discuss your diet with your doctor

Foods to eat during pregnancy:-
Whole grains
Try incorporate whole grains that are fortified with folic acid and iron into your daily diet. Eat oatmeal during breakfast, whole-grain bread at lunch and brown rice for dinner.

Leafy greens, fruits
Increase intake of green veggies broccoli and spinach, food items like muesli and fruits like Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries which are a good source of iron that a woman”s body needs to produce all the blood needed to supply nutrition to the placenta.

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